Synergy of tango and psychotherapy

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What is it?

Tango is an opportunity of true contact. With your body, feelings, with music, and with the other human. It is a transparent model of relations between people.

For us tango is a therapeutic situation "here and now" showing the style of communicating with your partner.

Man learns to lead the woman respecting her personal boundaries; woman learns to follow and to show her preferences and wishes. We learn through our own and through our partner's body, through communication in tango.

Tango-Therapy helps to integrate the insights we discover in tango into everyday life, into relations with your partner.


For whom?


for married couples and partners - to enrich relations and achieve deeper understanding of each other


will learn to feel and sense the man and to follow him; to trust your partner, keeping boundaries, preserving comfort and freedom in dance as well as in relations


will learn to lead the woman confidently, feel her wishes, interact with her in a spontaneous and unrestrained manner

* * *

If you do not have a partner: we always invite leaders from our former courses, so be sure you will not have to dance alone!

* * *

We invite leaders who completed our course to all our subsequent events as volunteers.

How it works?

1. Dancing:

learning to dance tango

2. Realizing:

practicing contact with ourselves and with our partner, finding out our specific patterns in leading and following

3. Awareness in dancing:

discovering and practicing more effective ways of interaction in tango

4. Integration:

integrating the patterns and insights we discovered in tango into communication with our partner

What will you get?

You will learn to dance social tango: enjoy the dance and the partner.

Invite, accept invitation, refuse. Differentiate between a refusal and a rejection, learn to survive both. In dance and in life.

Leaders will achieve confidence, feel the body and emotions of the follower, lead the woman in tango and in life, care about her, respecting her freedom, boundaries and wishes.

Followers will learn to listen to the leader and to hear him, openly demonstrate her own wishes, open themselves and trust him, keeping own boundaries.

Couples will enrich their relations, making them deeper.

We will study and practice contact, leading and following in tango and in relations.


Emma Kologrivova

Emma Kologrivova - psychotherapist

Together with Igor worked on the concept and methodology of Tango-Therapy, conducted groups, trainings, individual and group sessions of Tango-Therapy since 2015. Certified psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer.

Studied from Daniil Khlomov, Elena Kalitievskaya, Alexandr Mokhovikov, Vladimir Kulishov, Evgeniy Medresh, Grigoriy Kharkov, Irina Frolova, Alexandr Girshon and others.

12 years of therapeutic practice.

Dancing tango and other social dances eight+ years.

Igor Zabuta

Igor Zabuta

Tango-teacher, psychotherapist, co-author of the concept and methodology of Tango-Therapy. Together with Emma led groups, trainings, individual and group sessions of Tango-Therapy since 2015.

Studied from Natali Omelyanenko, Taras Popovich, Sergey Podbolotniy and Elena Sergienko, Slava Ivanov and Olga Leonova, Fernando de Lutiis, Diego “El Pajaro” Riemer & Natalia Cristobal Rive, Mariela Sametband & Guillermo Barrionuevo, Nito & Elba Garcia, Gustavo Guarnieri & Gabriela Perea, Yanina Quinones & Neri Piliu and others.


1. Course subscription (10 sessions) - 7 000 UAH;

2. For each session separately - 800 UAH;

3. For couples:

- Course subscription (10 sessions) - 8 000 UAH;

- For each session separately - 900 UAH;

When and where?

Each Friday from 19:15 till 21:45, 10 sessions,
first session on 14th of Sept. 2018.

Address: Kiev, Rybalskaya str., 13.